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Danish & Wreaths
Breads & Rolls
At TASTE OF DENMARK We take great pride in our Danish pastry.

We do all of our roll-in with butter. Not only does this make our product trans-fat free but it also makes it delicious.

We bake our danish and coffee cakes fresh every day.

We have one of the largest varieties of pastries for you to choose from.

We make all of our products from scratch, no bag mixes for us. We also put our own fresh made fruit toppings on our danish.

We also use only pure almond paste for our almond fillings too!! Come in and try some of our danish with a fresh cup of coffee.

We feature Peerless coffee in our store.
We bake our rolls and bread fresh daily. All of our rolls are made each day. Our bread is baked on certain days of the week. During the holidays we bake our bread more often. If you need a specific type of bread or roll on a certain day call or email us to be sure we can make it for you. Some types of bread we can only make in 4-6 loaf amounts. They all do freeze well so you can put some in the freezer if you want. 

Our rolls are priced from $ 5.35 per dozen  ( sliders, parkerhouse, seed) to $6.70 per dozen for butterflake. Croissants are $1.75 ea. or $21.00 per dozen.
Bread is priced from $ 4.40 for white bread to $9.50 for colored pullman. Most rye breads are $ 5.95.

We usually have an ample supply of rolls on hand. We do suggest you order, to be sure you get the kind and amount you need for your party needs.
Danish Pastries
Coffee cakes
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Rosca de Reyes

Danish Rye
Vorte Limpa
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Seed Rolls
Swedish Rolls
Cinnamon Raisin
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